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Event Fund-rais•ing

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The most effective method of fundrasing designed to engage individuals and businesses that might not otherwise give to your organization, resulting in the expansion of your pool of potential long-term financial contributors.

Jack D. Wilson, Jr.
President/Chief Executive Officer
Northwest Software Technologies, Inc.

The Gala Banquet Event

From the pioneering developer of event fundraising software...
Event Coordinator Strategic planning and audience development that builds long-term relationships from event to event are needed for your fundraising efforts to thrive and grow. In today's economy you need powerful, proven and time-tested relational data management tools to achieve this. Banquet-Tracker provides your organization's staff and volunteers with the tools to plan, execute and analyze every aspect of your banquet fundraising event for many years to come.

With over 25 years of direct experience in event fundraising management, resulting in billions of dollars managed, Northwest Software beings the Banquet-Tracker application to it's Generation|3 platform to continue a history of excellence.

For more information on Banquet-Tracker v4.00's official launch date and product features, check our social media sites at the links below in the days ahead.

Banquet-Tracker, The Basics :
  • Eliminates excessive per event license fees
  • Manage unlimited events from one data source
  • Manage charitable and political fundrasiers
  • Execute Proven Fundraising Opportunites
  • Add-ins that enhance and engage the process
  • Federal tax compliance for US and Canada

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