Banquet Back-End Coordinator


The Most Critical Part of Your Event Made Easy!

Banquet Back-End CoordinatorCheckout is the last activity your patrons experience as they prepare to go home. Give them the positive experience they deserve. One that will make them want to come back next year.

Northwest Software Technologies offers... optional "Banquet Back-End Support Services" to those users who would like additional assistance with their banquet check-out and funds collection.

Our experienced event coordinators provide comprehensive services tailored to your event.
  • Banquet back-end services are provided on a "first come, first serve" basis - based on event coordinator availability.

  • Coordinators are on-site for approximately eight to ten hours, arriving one to two hours before the event and leaving after the guests have left.

  • Coordinators provide the following services to ensure a successful event checkout:

    • Review your event computer system setup.

    • Verify that Banquet-Tracker is properly installed and running.

    • Work with your information services staff to troubleshoot any installation problems.

    • Train your staff and volunteers on the successful financial commitment entry and guest checkout procedures.

    • Oversee the data entry and checkout process - troubleshoot and answer any staff/volunteer questions.

  • Northwest Software is also pleased to provide recommendations for event coordinators as well as computer rentals.

  • Banquet event phone support is also made available until Midnight Pacific Time on Friday and Saturday nights.
Unlike our competitors, who view event day back-end services support as a revenue generation tool, Northwest Software's staff and management view these services as an educational tool. Banquet and all event fundraising software should be built to accommodate the user, not the publisher. We want your event to be successful at the least amount of expense possible. Ask our coordinators while on-site to teach you the secrets to managing a successful checkout year after year. They will be more than happy to accommodate your request!

For complete information or to schedule a banquet back-end coordinator for your event, contact our application support team at 425.252.7287 or