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Our “Referral Channel” is an opportunity to add Tracker-Series applications to your offering portfolio without the commitment of being a full application reseller and still receive compensation for your good word.

To participate, all we ask is that you provide the nonprofit an introduction brochure and make a recommendation. Enter below, the name and address of the genuinely interested nonprofit organization you are working with. If you know what they are interested in, please supply that information as well. Our in-house team will handle all aspects of the sales cycle for you, allowing more time for what you do best! When the nonprofit purchases Banquet-Tracker, within 120 days of MaxGiving receiving the referral notification, prior to sale, you will be paid $150.00.

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Please provide as much information as you are able. The more complete, the easier the lead is to manage. Also, be sure to complete the reseller information so you receive credit for the referral!

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Banquet-Tracker v4.00
Financial Ledger v4.00

iExpressPay Advantage (Card Processing)
MyEvent (Online) Registration
Banquet Back-End Coordinator
Application Cloud (Internet) Hosting

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